Meet Your    Board of Directors

Libby Manabat, President

Libby brings experience from being involved in the HOAs at her previous residence.  Her background in facilities management, real estate (commercial & residential), operations and human capital in the corporate, nonprofit and private sectors  will also be an asset.

Mary Deane Lynn, Vice President

Mary Deane has served on the board for more years than she'd like to admit. She loves the TdZ lifestyle and is happy to serve here.

Colin Rowe, Secretary

Colin is a first time homeowner and is excited to get involved with his new community. His experience with legal matters will be an asset to the board.

Andrew Kirkpatrick, Treasurer

Andrew is a long time TdZ resident and we thank him for his willingness to serve.


Athena Ortiz, Member

Athena is our newest member of the Board. Her experience in property management will be an asset to our community.

We currently have 2 openings! Please consider serving on the board!  

There are seven seats on the Board. Please check the events calendar for the next meeting date. 

Monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 6:30pm. Due to COVID19, the Board meets via Zoom and at Building G. Send email to the office 5 days prior re: attending to join via Zoom.

On Covid19 - TDZ is complying and following the State's mandate on mask-wearing, social-distancing, mass gatherings, etc.

The pool & sauna are closed for the 2020 season! 

Laptop & Coffee

2020 Office Hours

Office Currently Closed to the Public!


Monday:  8am - 11:30am

Tuesday: 8am - 11:30am

Wednesday: 8am - 11:30am

Thursday: 8am - 11:30am

Saturdays by appointment

HOA Monthly Payments to:

Tierra de Zia Master Condo Association


P.O. Box 94346

Las Vegas, NV 89193-4346

Questions re: HOA Acct.:

Tel. No.: (505) 888-4479


  HOAMCO does not send monthly statements!!!

Set up payments & check statements through Caliber Web Portal at

Mgmt. Co. ID: 1093

Assoc ID: 461

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